What is Xml Sitemap and how to Create it

Hlo,In previous article Blogger Vs WordPresswe get
differnce between Blogger and WordPress.Which one we have to choose for bloggging.
Our next article is What is XML Sitemap and how to Create it.Let’s start.

What is XML Sitemap and how to Create it?

If you are beginner in blogging then it is necessary to get knowledge about sitemap.Now,many questions come in your mind
that What is Sitemap? Why we need Sitemap? How to Submit Sitemap?I resolve all these question and give you all information
in detail.So,read this article.

What is Sitemap ?

What is XML Sitemap and how to Create it?
It has important role in on-page SEO.Sitemap simply is list of webpages i.e. pages in website. Acc. to Google it is list of all pages of blog or website and Google Search engine could’t find pages until they are listed in sitemap.Hence,it’s very necessary to submit pages in sitemap because
it tell search engine blog’s pages,content in blog and how much they regularly update.With this info search engine get help to show
your content in search engine result page(SERP).

Why Sitemap is Necessary?

For any new website or blog sitemap is very useful because in new website backlinks are very less that’s why it’s very difficult for search engine to find pages in new website.But if we submit sitemap then it’s very easy for search engine to crawl all pages of website/blog.

Other advantages of Sitemap-

1.Google crawler easily collect all information.
2.All pages index in Google.
3.To increase organic ranking.

How to create Sitemap ?

Firstly we see how to submit sitemap if your blog is in WordPress.
To know about this Click Here -> Create and Submit Sitemap