How to Fix error while copying to Pen Drive ? File Is Too Large For The Destination File System.

Today we are going to learn how to fix the issue – File Is Too Large For The Destination File System. Where you are trying to copy something in your external USB hard drive or Pen Drive And you get this error message.

File Is Too Large For The Destination File System. Here I have this 8 GB USB Pen Drive with some data available in it And when I tried to copy this file from my desktop To the USB (Pen Drive) and I get this error message, The file size which I am trying to copy is of 4.8 GB And the free space available on my USB is 5.15 GB Which is more than that. So I should be able to copy this in my USB.

So Let me tell you friends, you may encounter this issue due to the fact that your USB Pen Drive was Previously formatted with FAT32 file system. The file which we are trying to copy is of the size 4.80GB You can confirm the file system on your USB by selecting Properties and here you can see the file system is FAT32.

So to overcome this issue we need to convert the file system on our USB to NTFS from FAT32. There are two ways of doing this :

1) You can directly format your USB drive by selecting NTFS from the drop down here which will erase all of your data from the USB

2) Convert the file system to NTFS from FAT32 without loosing data through command line.

So lets Follow the steps for the second option here.

Step 1) Go to the Start and type CMD right click on it and click on Run as Administrator
Step 2) Now note down the drive letter for your USB which is “L” or any Other
Step 3) Type this simple command in command prompt CONVERT l: /FS:NTFS /NOSECURITY Hit Enter Command prompt now will start the conversion of file system on your USB

It will take some time Once its completed It will show you final message Conversion Complete So after the conversion if you check the properties of USB It will show you the file system as NTFS and by converting the file system from Command Prompt.

All of my data in USB is as it is Now after the conversion if try to copy the same file from my desktop on my USB which I was previously trying to copy and it was throwing me en error It will easily gets copied.