Blogger VS WordPress-Which is better?

Hlo,if you are new in blogging then read Blogger VS WordPress-Which is better? article is for you.
Mainly,there are two platforms for blogging.
Blogger and WordPress.Main thing which is necessary in blogging is Hosting i.e. on which platform you
want to stand your Blog.If you want to learn more then read this article.

Blogger VS WordPress-Which is better?

Blogger VS WordPress

Blogger Kya Hai?

Now,we get to know what is Blogger?Blogger is a product of Google.It is a platform for making website.
If you want to start blogging or you are new in a blooging then you have to choose this.Because its
features are really simple and you can understand easily.

WordPress Kya Hai?

Another platform for blogging is WordPress. In wordpress we can make websites. It is more powerful
as compare to blogger.Features provide in wordpress are more advanced which are helpful for SEO ranking.yo

Blogger Hosting

In above article we get basic information about blogger and hosting.Next topic is What is Hosting whether it is in Bloggger or wordpress.Firstly,we have to know the meaning of Hosting.It is an online storage on Internet where we can upload files.
Hosting is very necessary for blogging or website.One important thing is that blooger provide us free hosting.

WordPress Hosting

If you want to start your website on wordpress then its good choice because it’s excellent platform to run websites.
But to run website in wordpress you have to buy Hosting from Hosting Daddy,Hostgator,Siteground etc.
To know about hosting plan click on following Links:

Blooger or WordPress-Kya Choose krein?

Now,main question is that from both options which one is better for our website.According to me, if you are new in Blogging field then i suggest to choose Blogger because as we discuss earlier it is simple and easy to understood.
and also provide free hosting.But if you are older in this field then choose wordpress to build powerful website and also achieve high SEO ranking.If u want to know more tips about blog promotion and also some fundamental concept then read other articles.

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