How to add wordpress site to Google Search Console

Hlo,In this article i’ll tell you how to add wordpress site to Google Search Console.
The first step of SEO (Search engine optimization) is to submit your site in Google Search
Console and next step is to create sitemap of site and submit it.
If you want can learn how to create sitemap and submit it then follow this link -> SITEMAP Create and Submit

To know full information about sitemap click on this link ->Sitemap Introduction?

Now, I share mainly two simple methods of how to add website in Google search console or any webmaster tool.
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What is Google Search Console?

It is one of the important aspect in blogging.If you are new in blogging then you have a complete knowledge of search console.
Google Search Console was firstly known as Google webmaster tool.To rank your site in SERP (Search engine result page) or to gain more traffic on your website we can use search console.Hence,your post are visible in SERP and you can gain more traffic in your

Steps to add site to Search Console

STEP-1 To submit site in serach console firstly you have to login in Gmail account and then open search console.After that add property and submit your website Url and click on Verify button as shown below-
How to add wordpress site to Google Search Console
STEP-2Now,to verify ownership of website there are 2 methods-1.Recomended method 2.Alternate Method
I’ll tell you here with use of alternate method how can you submit website.
STEP-3Click on alternate method.Here you can see Number of options.
Select HTML Tag and click on Add meta tag to your site homepage.One code is appear on the screen.Copy the code.
STEP-4Go to dashboard and click on SEO.Then,choose Webmaster tool option.Paste code in Google search console as shown in image.
Now your website is successfully submitted to google search console.
How to add wordpress site to Google Search Console

I’ll show you another method for website submission.This is simplest method .Lets start-

STEP-1 Install Insert header and footer plugin
How to add wordpress site to Google Search Console
STEP-2After installation of Insert header and footer plugin activate it and go to setting and open it.
STEP-3Now,paste the code in header file as shown below.